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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Are Y'll Interested In An Online MBA?

Are Y'll Interested In An Online MBA?

This program allows you to develop your management skills and expand your network of contacts, prior to the decision of cursarlo, know what the return on your investment.
The Economist has recognized the importance and role increasingly important role they are playing the online MBA , creating a sub-classification of the best distance MBA . And, whatever they say its detractors, the possibility of obtaining this board quoted without leaving your desk, combining vocational training with the family, is certainly something very attractive.

This program, ranked by The Economist as "excellent", is taught for a decade and is structured as follows: students have three cycles of two-week classroom course at the beginning, middle and end, and in between there are two rounds of six months away from each. The program starts and ends with classes and meetings, and half  considered a two-week stay. Another he describes as "excellent" is the online University of India, located in the second. Then comes the Online MBA in IT University of  Management , although this program has to settle for a "good".

The methodology used by the Economist operates as follows. The school highest score in each category, in this case IE Business School, receiving a score of 100% and the other schools are evaluated based on this rating. Those that manage more than 95% are rated as excellent, programs that achieve between 75% and 95% are classified as "good", those between 50% and 74% are "average" and those that remain below 50% are considered deficient. The study by The Economist classifies programs according to three categories are given equal weighting.

The first concerns the content of the program and measures such things as the relationship between the number of teachers and the number of students, the percentage of teachers with doctoral students assessment of faculty do and they do the program. The second category is related to the quality of peers and measures the percentage of students completing the program, work experience and appreciation of the cultural level. Finally, the study considers aspects that are directly related to Distance learning MBA, which takes into account the sense of connection to school and value for money as the students.

Programs in business administration are valued in executive positions because through them the person improves an organization's strategic vision and managerial skills in different areas of the company, explains the director of the MBA program at the Online Education.

For more information about this study please click here MBA .

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