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Thursday, 5 January 2012


How does the ID of traditional education? The main feature of ID is to occur in situations where students and teachers are separated both in time and in space. This gives students more freedom to study time, place and pace suitable to him.
Experience shows that separation in space often encourages students to communicate more and in a more open manner. We emphasize again that a clear difference is that if ID primary focus is on learning activities and not on the teaching. ID required to more students desire to learn and learning to control their own work and meticulous preparation of the teacher study materials and workshop-tutorial sessions. Once a student has chosen a course ID, he is already motivated and the teacher must make extra effort not to attract his attention and to find ways of motivating.

ID has some limitations, but on the other hand opens new learning opportunities. It is more flexible than the traditional form and is available for all people. For the same time require more from students coordinator, ID applies more to educate adults who are competent to coordinate their own learning. There are some courses where the emphasis is mainly on learning through communication and education are also suitable for children and young people.

Study materials are organized in packages ID (either specially prepared or adapted) that constitutes the core of ID programs. The most commonly used is printed text, but

multimedia is becoming more intense use. Unlike other texts or textbooks, materials to support student ID containing individual issues to tackle and succeed in acquiring Online MS in IT knowledge and skills. In the absence of ID materials must substitute teachers from the department. The determining factor in building materials ID is intended for individual use, with tasks to perform:

    organization of content;
    specifying the rate of study;
    explanation of key concepts;
    providing information and study materials;
    stimulate and motivate students;
    development of individual learning ability;
    helping students to acquire knowledge and skills.

Usually during ID contains several modules. They are divided into several units and the units can have multiple sections.

Questions - which included self-test exercises in the text of a module are designed to test achievement of objectives. These exercises of self, along with answers / resolutions / instructions included at the end of the module should help the student in self-activity, activity that the student realizes that he has reached goals or not. These exercises should not put students in position to repeat the text before reading, but to make it to synthesize and apply knowledge. For example, it is useful to ask students to: analyze, synthesize, apply, build, design, calculate, compare, evaluate critically, etc.. Solving exercises and comments should supplement the lack of teacher's self so that the student to fend for themselves in this activity of self.

This type of education there is anyone who "will push back" to study. What you learn is under your control.

While reading the text of course, always tried to think of examples of the work environment / studies related to the subject. You will notice that you hold and you will understand easier course. Do not try to memorize what you did not understand! This Online MBA in India will be of no use when you try to apply knowledge.

Easier to assimilate what you read, we recommend:
Make notes as you read the short course. When you return to text so you can make a quick recap. Make sure you fully understand what you read. It is very tempting to go further and say that you come back later to understand it, usually the effect is not never come back on the left in suspension.
Do not try to read too much at once. The self solving exercises is better to try solving their own, even if not "excellent". Of course it is easier to look at the comments, or solving at the end, but it does not use cheating anyone. Comments and remedy, if any, are listed only for comparison with your solutions (and eventually to feel proud that you have found a more elegant solution). Regular checking homework should not be a scarecrow for you. They are designed to verify and / or fixing knowledge in order to receive help from the tutor when the answers are inconclusive, as guardians to realize how the advance and intervene in time where applicable.

Distance Learning Department is part of the structure of the Distance University in India in terms of organizational and functional. Through its mission, the Department of Distance Learning. Operating in connection with the faculties of the University. Study programs are organized and supported by the collective of teachers belonging to various faculties. Facilities necessary to carry out educational activities belong mostly departments and are used following an agreement called the iniĊ£ieirea each program.

Distance Learning Department organizes educational activities as required by law, for specializations that distance education in their structure, approved by Government. The organization for this form of education is stated in the Rules of organization and operation of the Center for Distance learning MBA at the University. Department duties are dictated by its mission to ensure high quality standards, conduct educational process and to give away degrees:
Initiation, development and management education programs for distance learning;
    Conducting education in the territory of the form ID, by organizing tutorials centers, whose activity is subject to University;

The main responsibilities of the department:

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