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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Distance learning MBA Training - Is it Worth It?

Distance learning  MBA Training - Is it Worth It?
Additional advantages
Human resource management program not only provides students with the knowledge of human resource management, but also foster communication skills of course 

Online MBA
It aims to improve their business skills. The participants in the Online MS in IT program must have a five-year education leading to a master's degree and at least three years professional working document.

Instructional methods

modern methods of education interaction used in our schools, such as case studies, classroom discussions, computer simulations, laboratory management, conference management, business projects or virtual discussion groups. Stress placed on the involvement of active students in learning. In all blocks the curriculum offered by professors from the partner organizations. Polish experts from leading international corporations and practical classes shall complete the tasks assigned to students.

An important element of the Distance learning MBA as a final project and its implementation in the company. It allows students to use their knowledge gained in the research in practice.
Program Blocks:-

Economics, Accounting, Organization and Personnel Management, Finance, Management operations, management and control information systems, marketing, strategic management and international legal aspects of operations business and business projects.

Online University

Fieldwork was held Wednesday in the semester students usually visit a partner in the field .. In 2008, Online MBA in it students participating in an international conference in Bergen, organized by our partner schools, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH). Seminar on "Entrepreneurship" was organized by Professor

Online Business School Distance learning MBA students participate in two international conferences. Seminar in Bergen, organized by our partner schools, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) has been organized by Professor Tor Dhram. For the first time, MBA students also visited Oxford Said

Business School. The seminar was organized by Professor Alastair Nicholson. Entrepreneurial, social entrepreneurship, international trading with Africa and India and the economic crisis that the main topics of the workshop.

Distance learning MBA
Evaluation criteria

classification of students based on test results in writing, complete tasks and projects as well as on their activities in the classroom. written examination in subjects included in the program block takes place at the end of a semester. Their results constitute at least 50% of the overall marks of the students. The criteria used to evaluate the same as those used by partner schools in the graduate programs of study.

This ensures all interested parties that the person holds a Online MBA in India from Online University of Technology Business School is owned by a management level post-graduate full equivalent in content and excellent with people in a similar time by the three partner schools. ranking system of schools is equivalent to A, B, C and ranking Polish bardic dory, downstate and ratings.

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