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Monday, 23 May 2011

How are online MBA programs Different from traditional MBA ?

 How are online MBA programs Different from traditional MBA ?

Education in Business Studies at Online University School of Business at Online University, Online University School of Business, is one of northern Europe's largest educational institutions with a broad range of training opportunities within the framework of contract training and executive education.

The courses are geared toward professionals in both private and represented Online University as public and organizations. Online MBA - Master of Business Administration - is not protected and therefore has no precise definition in the form of examples. Generally means a Distance Learning MBA program constituted an operational higher education that is directly focused on work, not to further academic studies. The aim is to equip students with tools to better and successfully lead businesses and organizations. An important part is the personal networks you build up during the study period. Online MBA programs vary in focus, length, cost and level. It is therefore extremely important to invest sufficient time to obtain information and to compare different programs. Some general requirements to be eligible to apply for an Online MBA program tends to be:

    A minimum three-year academic degree with good results
    At least two, often more, years of work experience, relevant to the training they have
    Two or more letters of recommendation
    Testesultat from GMAT and TOEFL / IELTS

Training to get an One Year Executive MBA is completely different structure than for a master's degree (Master of Science in Business Administration) from a business administration department at the Nordic universities. While such a master's degree requires training in economic fields, you can search for an Online MBA program regardless of the main subject in the first degree. In the

Nordic countries, it is still primarily civilian economists and graduates who apply to Online MBA programs, but the interest of the other professions. At many American universities, it is common for between 20-30% of those admitted to the Online MBA program a basic education in economics. 

Online MBA programs

have their origin in the earlier 1900s the United States and is intended as a training for professionals who want to develop their business skills at leadership.

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